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Fun Times

Well, here goes another couple months worth of pictures.  Since my last post, we had a couple birthdays, a birthday trip, and a bunch of cousin time.

Tyler turned 5 in March, and was he ever excited.  He had a birthday countdown going on.  All he wanted was a blue cake that was strawberry flavored.  Easy enough.  I can’t remember the exact recipe, but I made one from scratch that was fantastic.  And then topped it with some fake blue frosting with all kinds of crap in it.  It was delicious.


Just prior to his birthday, we had another milestone- Tyler lost his first tooth.  It fell out at lunch at school one day while he was eating a Cheezit.  And he cried about it most of the day apparently.  He didn’t want to lose a tooth.  Then the tooth fairy came and all was ok again.

20160307_181039 - Copy

Over the Easter weekend, we continued our tradition of traveling to SE Iowa to see my brother Jake and his wife Mollie.  Their house is just beautiful, and huge, which helps when you have 15 people staying there at once.  The weather could have been a little nicer, but we still were able to get out and hunt for some Easter eggs.  The girls went on a nice little shopping trip for Aunt Katy’s birthday, and even Jenna got to go.  The boys were happy because Jake had the double TV setup for the NCAA tournament, which ended up being a huge bummer because both Kansas and ISU lost that weekend. The kids also decorated a nice bunny cake to celebrate Easter and my mom’s birthday that same day.

20160327_10570620160327_10553620160327_10553320160326_18301020160326_174740 - Copy

I celebrated my 35th birthday in April, and instead of stressing out about it, we took off to Phoenix.  It was our first vacation in at least 5 years that was not related to a wedding or some other event that we had to attend.  Our friend Logan from Kansas met us down there and we stayed with our friends Dru and Amber.  The weather was just perfect, even though I was a big baby and was cold all the time at night.  Which wasn’t my fault, because Dru kept sending me pictures of the temperature, and it would say 100 or 101 so I figured I would be fine in tank tops and shorts.  Turns out it cools down a little at night.  It was just a fantastic trip.  We got to eat at some great restaurants, had some glorious cocktails, and did some hiking.  It was a nice little getaway, and just what I needed.  Since I’ve been back I have just felt more content and at peace and relaxed.  It made me realize that maybe we need to make the effort to get away a little more often than once every 5 years.


Over the last couple months we have had lots of cousin play time of course.  These kids just live for the days they get to see their cousins.  Just this weekend we saw them Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  And both Saturday and Sunday mornings, at least one of my kids has cried because their cousins weren’t there in the mornings when they woke up.  It’s pretty heart-warming to see them form these special bonds, not only with their cousins, but with their aunts and uncles.  And for me, a mom of a peanut allergy kid, it’s easy to get stressed out when Tyler isn’t with me, but I know when he’s with anyone in our family, I am completely at ease because I know he’s safe because they know him so well and care for him so much.


Tyler and Jenna are (90% of the time) the best of friends.  The other 10%, not so much.  They sure know how to push each other’s buttons.  I hope they continue to have a close relationship throughout the years.


Snapchat-6280357325593809856Snapchat-6642968520095386247Snapchat-433191576441194960820160322_155509 - Copy20160305_124337 - Copy


This Mother’s Day weekend has been pretty perfect, except having to work on charts and other work stuff yesterday for about 7 hours.  I came home from a very long busy day at work on Friday to a vase full of flowers, 3 cards and 2 presents for Mother’s Day.  I have a pretty amazing husband and two very special kiddos.  Sometimes I don’t know how I got so lucky.



Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and special ladies out there- a special shout-out to my mom.  When you have kids, I swear your heart grows and multiplies so much more than you ever thought possible, and you love those little boogers so deeply and intensely that you would do anything for them.  And then I think about how my mom must have felt that feeling about me and my brothers, and maybe still does, and maybe thinks that about my kids now.  To stop and think about that makes me feel pretty blessed.  And it makes me think that I probably owe her a lot more hugs.

Have a great summer everyone!

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Another Overdue Update

Hi friends and family, welcome to another photo dump!  Since I last posted, we celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and a 3rd birthday.  And a lot of snow.  As I’m writing this, a skidloader is pushing snow out of our neighbor’s driveway because we got another couple inches dumped on top of the already-there foot or so. 

I remember traveling the 20 miles or so to my aunt and uncle’s house on Thanksgiving in a small snowstorm, so this weather has been going on long enough.  The Saturday after Thanksgiving our office held our first Turkey Trot, on a balmy 14 degree morning.  We had a great turnout and raised some money for a local charity. 

A couple weeks later, I started to get a little cough.  I would also have days where I would get hit with body aches, fever and chills.  Then it would go away, but the cough would stay.  I kept working throughout December and through Christmas, but the week after Christmas I decided to finally go see the doctor after I was laying on the floor of my office with my coat on, shivering and hurting all over.  After a scolding and a chest xray, it was determined that I had pneumonia.  Which is not fun.  She gave me some antibiotics and an inhaler and I started feeling a little better, so we made our trip down to Kansas to celebrate Christmas with our family down there.  I thought I was better, but got a couple aggressive coughing attacks, and then on New Years Day, I started getting chest pains and shortness of breath.  A visit to the ER of one of Topeka’s hospitals confirmed that I was just having acute bronchospasms to go along with some bronchitis and the pneumonia.  Thankfully no heart attack or allergic reaction, which is what I thought I was having.  So after some IV steroids and a 7 day prednisone pack and some super special cough syrup, I was finally feeling better by the middle of January. 

So December and January were kind of a blur.  I really hope the kids had a great time, because I was kind of in a fog.  I know they sure liked ripping into presents.  And they got plenty of them!  We got another real Christmas tree this year, strapped it to the top of the Traverse and set it up.  They are so beautiful but man do they make a mess.

This past weekend has been full of more presents.  Our little baby girl Jenna turned 3.  She has been so excited for her birthday, for several weeks even.  Her Aunt Jaime drove up from Kansas to spend the weekend and spoil her and Tyler.  Since January she has wanted a pink puppy cake, so after browsing Pinterest, I figured I could give it a whirl.  My mom made all our birthday cakes growing up (from what I remember), and sometimes we would get to help, which would make it even more special.  Jenna helped supervise the decorating, and put the eyes in.  She loved all the attention and of course the presents and cake.  We got her a special present; we decided it was time for her to graduate to a big girl bed.  Her bedroom is just so cute.  Last night was her first night, and she did great. 

So here are the pics from the last couple months.  As time goes by, my photography skills seem to be getting worse, and I seem to be taking less pictures.  I suppose that’s how life goes at this stage.







This post also marks the 2 year anniversary of moving back home (almost- it’s technically in March but let’s be honest, I won’t get around to posting that soon).  I am gradually getting things on the walls of our home, and hopefully this year we can tackle the outward appearance of our yard/house.  Our office is getting busier, and I am getting less worried about failing and going bankrupt and living in my parents’ basement.  Jenna is at a great daycare and Tyler loves his school. 

There are still times when I wish there were more to do around here- like more restaurants, more fun places to take the kids, and a much closer airport.  But I know that those things, while exciting and new (and expensive), don’t really matter to me.  What matters are the relationships we have and what makes our kids happy.  Take last night for example.  We had family over last night to celebrate Jenna’s birthday, and while it was nothing special or extravagant, it was everything.  Just sitting around, eating and watching the kids play and watching some basketball.  I just felt so content and happy.  And the best thing about it, is that we do this all the time.  My kids get to play with their cousins on almost a weekly basis, and have their grandma (and sometimes grandpa) watch them when mommy and daddy are busy with work stuff and can’t get a babysitter.  To see them get so excited about family time melts my heart and confirms that we made the right decision. 

And I realize all of this never would have happened without my supportive husband.  I know he probably struggles with the small town thing sometimes, and I know he wishes he could go to more Royals games and Jayhawk games.  And I know he wishes he could see his family and friends more often.  I wish that too, and I wish there was someway we could make everyone happy, besides win a huge Powerball jackpot and move everyone we love to a fantastic tropical beach.  Until that happens, he’s putting my happiness and the kids’ happiness ahead of his own.  And I don’t know if there are enough words to thank him.  

I love you so much, my silly Valentine!  Smile



Photo Dump

Yes, Sean, it has been 3 months.  Or close to it at least.  I think one of my main problems is that I still use Windows Live Writer to blog and it’s on my ancient old dinosaur laptop that is missing the enter key, the mouse pad doesn’t work and it has a corner chipped off that has open wires and screws sticking out.  Maybe one of these days I will switch everything over to my other laptop or Ipad.

So how is everyone doing?  The weather this year has been fantastic.  We have had so much fun outdoors this summer and fall.  I got to play some sand volleyball up at Okoboji this summer on Tuesdays while Hubby played some golf on Thursdays.  And the kids had plenty of park time and fun time in our driveway (that doesn’t sound too exciting but they seem to love it).  The kids really enjoyed the Clay County Fair this year.  We live so close to it, so we made it a point to walk over at least 4 or 5 days to see all the sights.  Again, Tyler loved the train building.  Think he could have spent all week there.  He got to go inside and meet the conductor, who gave him a special train whistle.  Tyler was in heaven.  Hubby and I snuck away to the Little Big Town concert thanks to Aunt Loiy who stayed with the kids.  I loved it, but Hubby made fun of their one stupid song about pontoon boats for weeks.  I’ll think twice before I make him go to any more country concerts.

Tyler started all day every day pre-K this fall at Sacred Heart.  He absolutely loves it there.  They get to do all kinds of fun activities and his best friend Coleton goes there, which we hear about every day.  He also played soccer for about two months there in September and October.  We found out soccer is not really Tyler’s thing.  He will play it around the house or with his sister or cousins, but not on a team.  To his defense, he didn’t know any of the other little boys, and they were all older than him, even though he was one of the tallest.  He ended up hating it, and crying most practices.  Games were a struggle too, and since Hubby was the assistant coach, it was a source of a lot of stress this fall.  Think we’ll be taking some time off of soccer.

Jenna started a new daycare around the same time that Tyler started Pre-K.  It took a little getting used to, but I think she is doing great.  It’s an in-home daycare, so it is quieter, calmer and much more stable than the center she was going to.  The hours are a little different, so that took some adjusting of our schedule, but in the end it’s worth it.  Plus she is only about 2 or 3 blocks from our office, so that helps. 

Both kids are just growing and growing, and it’s really scary how fast it is going.  They are such great kids, so smart and funny and cuddly (most of the time).  We are so so blessed.

I think I can say that Hubby has had a great summer and fall.  He got out on the golf course way more than years past, and even got to golf in a couple tournaments.  We are both super busy at the office, taking care of patients and always working on behind the scenes stuff.  The month of October was very special, as his beloved Royals finally won the World Series.  He didn’t make it down to any of those games, but I think he went to one of the Division Series games maybe?  Whenever it was, he stayed with his buddy and ended up getting bit by a spider-most likely a brown recluse.  That was a fun couple days.  I put a picture of it below, before it got really bad and the fever and chills and vomiting and everything else started.  Thank goodness there was no necrotic tissue that had to be removed.  On to basketball season and cheering on the Jayhawks.

I was busy as well this summer, like always.  As I mentioned earlier, I got to play sand volleyball, which was more fun than I expected. Sand is usually harder to play than indoor, but they had lower nets and harder sand, so that made jumping a little easier.  I also played a couple games of softball, not as many as I’d like, but at this point in my life I limit myself to one main obligation a week so I can spend more time with the kids.  They are only this age once! 

I just got done doing a Whole 30 challenge, which felt great.  It’s basically 30 days of clean eating, eliminating all processed foods and only eating proteins, healthy fats and fruits and vegetables.  Very doable, just takes a lot of planning and cooking.  I did the opposite of Whole 30 this last weekend though, had a couple drinks both Friday AND Saturday and had way too many desserts on Saturday.  Friends were in town from Chicago on Friday and we had a fundraiser gala for Tyler’s school on Saturday.  VERY fun times, but not so fun feeling like crap on Sunday. 

I have also been running a couple times a week, which if you recall, I hate doing.  Our office is hosting a 5K in next week to raise money for a local charity, and even though I am not really running in it, I decided to do all the training with everyone else.  I did do a 5K a couple weeks ago with the girls from our office and did better than I thought I would.  Before running, I had been following a lifting program called Strong Lifts 5×5, which is very easy to follow but really increases the weights fast.  Switching from power work to endurance work (if you want to call running a 5K endurance work) was a challenge at first, but now I’m in the groove.  I’d really like to get back to lifting heavy though, it sure helps on the volleyball court and in the adjusting room!

So there’s a little update of the last however many months it’s been.  Be prepared for a massive photo dump- in no particular order.  By the way you can follow me at lmm418 on Snapchat- I occasionally post pictures and videos of kids on there.  Happy holidays to you and your family!





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Summer Update

Hello my friends!  Summer has been flying by, here we are in the middle of August.  Tyler starts every day all day preschool in 2 weeks! 


We have been pretty busy this summer, and we have been lucky- overall the weather has been great this summer.  I’ve been able to play sand volleyball on Tuesdays up at Okoboji and a couple games of softball on Fridays.  I even golfed!  My friend Bridget talked me into golfing a tournament for charity.  It turned out to be more fun than I thought.  Might have to go more often?


Weekends are full, but we haven’t had too many long trips lately.  We did a quick trip to Davenport last weekend for our friend Kelan’s wedding.  The kids did so well considering they were in a car for 5 hours, then at a church and a restaurant then a hotel.  Then a 5 hour drive home the next day.  We did get to see Hubby’s grandma, who we haven’t seen in so long.  She really loved seeing the kids, since they grow so fast!




Work has been very busy the last couple months, which is great because we want to grow, but that also means more stuff to get done!  I’ve spent several late nights at the clinic catching up with paperwork.  We did hire a new employee to help out with our marketing- my sis-in-law Katy.  It was such perfect timing, we were looking to hire a marketing rep, and she has a lot of great experience.  That takes quite a bit of pressure off my shoulders.  Now I just need someone to do my accounting work, my charting, my cooking and my cleaning.  Smile


I have been experimenting a little in the kitchen lately.  I just finished a 21 day Paleo challenge, which included a meal plan with several fun recipes.  I had been slacking a little this summer, eating stuff that probably wasn’t the healthiest, so it’s always good to get back on track.  This was a new way of eating, I’m not used to eating so much fat.  Healthy fats, of course, but much more than I’m used to.  One thing I got hooked on was almond butter.  I can’t have peanut butter anymore because of Tyler’s allergy, so I found some almond butter that didn’t have any traces of peanuts or other tree nuts in it (and it couldn’t have any added sugar).  It was pretty tasty and made a great treat.  The problem is that I found it at Trader Joe’s, which is about 3 1/2 hours away.  So I pulled my old food processor out of the closet and made my own.  And it is awesome and way cheaper.  Try it!



Children Update: The biggest news is that Jenna is potty-trained!!  I used the same method that I used with Tyler, only about a year and a half earlier this time.  She was way easier to train initially than Tyler, but she’s had more accidents than he ever did. She’s still trying to master pulling her pants down all the way so she doesn’t make a mess.


And Tyler.  What a neat little boy. He has such an imagination.  He loves to pretend, which is so fun to watch.  He also loves to be mean to his sister sometimes.  He’s getting kind of a naughty streak, which he really hasn’t had.  I’ll just blame it on daycare.  Maybe starting preschool at a Catholic school will help.


We had a trip to the dentist the other day for Tyler, and he loved it.  He got to wear cool sunglasses, watch Bubble Guppies and pick out a toy from the treasure chest.  And now Jenna can’t wait to go.


They love doing anything outside.  We have been to so many parks this summer, and we made it to the aquatic center once, which they loved. 


They also love living close to their cousins.  Just yesterday they got to go over to Beau and Jace’s house and spend the night.  We had watched them a couple weeks ago, so they returned the favor.  It sounds like they had a pretty good time.  They went to bed super early tonight. 


Hope everyone is having a great summer so far, enjoy what is left!  I’ll leave you with the promise once again to be better at posting.  We’ll see how that goes.  Winking smile


Summer Fun

I keep falling more and more behind on my blogging, but I’m still here!  The past couple months have just flown by.  And here we are almost at the 4th of July, meaning summer is almost half over.  Sad smile

I have a ton of pictures for you today.  Since I’ve last blogged, I have chopped several inches off my hair and am constantly frustrated because it won’t fit into a ponytail without at least 3 clippies; we have been to Atlanta, Georgia for our friends Matt and Kim’s wedding; I traveled to Des Moines for a continuing education seminar and made it to the farmer’s market and had my first Airbnb experience; we hosted all of nephews at one point or another- Jace and Beau stayed with us while Ben and Katy looked for a new house because they are moving back home (YAY!) and Grant stayed with us this weekend while Kyle and Rachel had some family Okoboji time; celebrated Beau and Jace’s birthdays at Bridges Bay; and last weekend we traveled to Kansas for some family time that was much needed.  Then there’s all the fun we’ve been having with the kids, with the weather being almost perfect the last couple months, we’ve been having plenty of park time.  We have hit almost every park in town, with our favorites being the big park, the green park, the brown park and the blue park. 

So here we go!


Short hair and an iced coffee:



Top of Stone Mountain in Georgia:




Matt and Kim’s wedding:





Plenty of owies this summer:


Watermelon with the cousin Jace (think Beau is sitting on the couch reading):


Pork nachos at the Farmer’s Market in Des Moines:


My room at an Airbnb in Des Moines- it’s a little eclectic but the whole house was beautiful and the hosts were so great- made me whatever I wanted for breakfast (smoothie and yogurt and fresh fruit).  Much cheaper than a hotel room by the airport would have been- it felt like I was staying with some friends:


The green park:


Jenna alert- the rest are all of Jenna.  She is so darn cute.  This was from our car ride home from Kansas:


Jenna being sassy when she was out riding with her daddy:


The absolutely beautiful sketch (sorry about the poor camera lighting) that Grandma Cindi did of Jenna which will be getting framed soon:


We went to our first movie as a family the other night and saw Inside Out.  It was a little complex for their age as far as plot goes, but there were lots of bright colors and funny parts.  Jenna was a champ, and ate a bunch of popcorn.



So that’s what we’ve been up to the last couple weeks.  Looking forward to July, hardly any traveling.  We have a couple birthdays coming up in my family- my dad will be turning 60 this week so we will celebrate for sure this weekend! Happy fourth of July to everyone!!

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