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Kale Fail

on July 21, 2013

Hello hello!  Hope everyone had a great hot week.  Thank goodness for the drop in temps the last couple days… the bugs have even gone away just a little bit.  That means we were able to do more outside this week, like our first trips to the pool this week.


Tyler loved it…


2013-07-20 16.17.03


2013-07-20 16.17.13


Jenna not so much.  She was just a little sleepy, so she stayed in her seat and napped most of the time.  Thanks to Lori, Neil and Charlie for the adorable swim suit.


On to the food.  It was so hot this week we didn’t even feel like grilling.  By we, I mean Hubby.  I tried to grill one night and of course messed it up.  Thank goodness he grilled up a bunch of chicken last weekend.  Here are a couple things we do with all that chicken throughout the week:



Added chicken to some (leftover) quinoa, (leftover) sautéed veggies, spinach and sriracha. 



Chicken with spinach, steamed beets, bbq sauce and feta cheese.  Weird, I know, but it tasted great.


I decided to get the dehydrator out to make some kale chips.  And here is my fail.




I used baby kale, because I thought it would save time and be nice little chips.  Little is the key word here.  They shrunk to practically nothing.  I also used coconut oil, not too keen on that flavor with the kale so next time I’ll have to change that too.  Bummer.


I did try another recipe that turned out decent.  Always looking to use up that quinoa, so I made some granola bars with it.  Instead of taking a bunch of pictures and posting the recipe, I’ll just give you the link, because her pictures are gorgeous and I actually followed the recipe exactly this time.  I did portion them out and wrap them up so I wouldn’t be tempted to overeat.




We have been eating so much fresh produce lately- I love it!  I finally picked out a good watermelon… I’ve been getting a lot of duds lately.  Some pretty delicious peaches too, which I cut up and sautéed with some cinnamon and honey and used them as a pancake topper rather than syrup.  Just plain pancakes today, homemade buttermilk.




Think that’s all for the week.  I’ll wrap it up with another Jenna picture.  We’ve gotten some hand-me-done clothes from friends and family, and we are so grateful.  Turns out it’s pretty fun playing dress-up with my little girl.  Bet some friends of mine are saying “holy cow never thought I’d hear her say that” right now.  It’s fun.  Smile  Turns out she has a rather large head though, so need to take that into consideration for future accessories. 


2013-07-20 11.22.08

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