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Tator Tot Casserole

on April 24, 2012

Gourmet chef I am not.  Hence the title of this post. 


Yesterday I was on a spinach kick, and had two salads.  Taco salad for lunch, then buffalo chicken salad for supper.


Fareway sells these Tyson buffalo chicken bites, so I cooked up a couple in the oven.  With the flash photography they look a little orange-y…




Salad with feta cheese and buffalo chicken




When we were at Hy-Vee on Saturday, I grabbed a couple goodies from the organics section.  These are great for a snack, provided you don’t eat the whole bag (I showed restraint and only had about half the bag).




I also got more of this, since I ran out:




It was great on my lemon Chobani this morning.


Since I was home this morning I was able to play “let’s clean out the freezer” for lunch.  I had a tube of ground beef, frozen mixed vegetables and mini tator tots.  Tator tot casserole it was.  I browned the beef, mixed it together with a can of cream of chicken soup, about 1/2 cup of plain Greek yogurt, the mixed veggies (that I steamed for a couple minutes in the microwave), and some salt and pepper.  I cut up 4 oz of Velveeta and dispersed it on top, then topped with some tator tots.  In the oven it went, 30 minutes at 350 degrees. 




I know it’s not the healthiest but it sure was easy, and Tyler loved it which is good because there are some veggies in it. 


I had a really busy afternoon in the clinic, then after feeding Tyler and getting him ready for bed, I went to the gym.  Did a quick warm-up then a quick ladder workout.  I only did four moves: shoulder press, stationary lunges, one-arm row and planks.  The workout seems easy, you start with 5 reps, rest for 10 seconds, then 6 reps, rest for 10 seconds, 7 reps…. all the way to 10 reps.  By the time you get to 10, yowza.  You’re pushing hard.  The plank was a little different, I started out with 10 seconds on both feet, 10 seconds on knees, 20 seconds on both feet, 10 seconds on knees, 30 seconds on both feet, 10 seconds on knees, then hold on both feet to failure.  I managed to hold it for another minute, but I was spent. 


After that short and sweet workout, I blew it all, as I picked up some DQ for myself and a friend… and we ate our blizzards while we watched Biggest Loser.  Sorry Bob.


I didn’t want my only supper to be a Mint Oreo Blizzard, so I ordered a turkey club flat iron? sandwich.  I think that’s what it was called, or something like that.  It was basically a turkey sandwich with tons of mayo that I had to scrape off. 




Now I’m off to shower and finish up charts.  While I was downloading pics from my phone, I forgot about these other pics. 


I’m obsessed with these and have almost gone through a whole tin in about 4 days.




And here is a picture of the big boy in his forward-facing car seat.  We finally decided to flip it, and he was so excited on the way to Davenport.  He hardly got fussy at all because he could finally look at everything. 




Tyler was getting hungry during the trip, so I gave him some snacks.  Hubby and I were just talking and all of a sudden a puff (baby snack) comes flying over Hubby’s shoulder.  He’s gonna be a baseball player!

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