A little peek into my life as a midwest mom, wife, and chiropractor…


Hi there… we do have internet finally but of course I forgot my laptop at the office yesterday, hence the post today. 


I was able to spend the last couple days in Chicago visiting some friends and attending a seminar. And doing some major shopping at Ikea…




which will be followed by some major assembly.  At least our house will be a little more organized.


It was great getting to see my BFF Jessie and her little guy Alex.  And I guess John too.  He did buy me my annual birthday dinner.  Smile


We went out for some sushi since I don’t exactly get that a lot around here.  It was pretty tasty, but I actually liked the crab cakes the most. 


Alex liked his foot the most.




He’s such a cute stinker.  I took a bunch of pictures of him with my Ipad, but of course I forgot that at home today.  I’ll have to remember to post those later.  I’ll be selfish for a minute and say how great it is to see them and how I really wish they could live closer so that our kids could be best friends too.  As much as I want them to move back here, I realize they both have great jobs and a beautiful house, and lots of friends and family there in Chicago.  So I’ll shut up now.  Smile


It sure was great to see my little ones when I got done with my 8 hour drive yesterday.  It was so beautiful out so we went for a short walk.




It doesn’t look like it, but Jenna loved it, and was squealing most of the time.  She finally gets to ride facing forward!  She’s growing so fast, pretty obvious by that picture- guess we need to get some new pants.


She’s had a rough time adjusting to day care, just doesn’t like all the craziness and noise.  This is one of her favorite spots in the house:




Hard to see, but it’s a dark empty room in the basement with a queen mattress.  She loves going in there and jumping and rolling around on it.  What a goober.


Back at work today, having a pretty busy day which is great!  Off to work again, I’ll be back on Sunday hopefully!



Hi readers, sorry but we still don’t have internet. So this will be another short one.


We are getting some things done around here, but the list of things to do keeps getting longer.  Really need to do some furniture shopping.  I was supposed to make a run yesterday to Ikea, but little Jenna got sick.  Of course, first week at new daycare and there goes her immune system.


We did get our interior sign up at the office, and the big outside one is being put up outside as I type.




Still pretty slow patient-wise around here, but I know that will take time.  I’m trying REALLY hard to be patient.  Smile


We are carrying Ideal Protein in our clinic, which is a weight loss program.  I have tried some of the products but today am starting the whole program, so I will keep you updated on my progress.  We have a couple people on it already, and man it works.


That’s all for this week… hopefully be back next week with internet at the house!!

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3 Year Old in the House!

Hello friends!  We still do not have internet, which is why this post has been a little delayed. 


Packing and moving went well, mostly because I had a ton of help- thanks Gretchen, Kyle and Hubby!  A week ago today we finally arrived at our new home.


It has been a little bit of a whirlwind, even though I didn’t even work at all at the office last week.  Yesterday was my first day at the office and the kids’ first day at their new daycare.


I think it went well, kind of rough to send baby Jenna to daycare after being spoiled by Gretchen for a year, but I think she will adapt over time.  Probably time for her to start socializing anyways.  Tyler got to go swimming so he loved that.  They both went to bed pretty easily last night.


I will take some better pictures of our new house once everything is settled a little more.  We still have a ton of boxes all over and need to unpack, but at least it’s livable. 


Aunt Jaime came up from Kansas for a couple days to help us out, which was great, and she got to be here for Tyler’s big birthday!  Little guy turned 3 the other day. 


He has sure changed, physically for sure, but lately he has been a little testy.  Pushing his sister around, saying “no” and “mine”, but I’m hoping to just chalk it up to the new environment and his daddy being gone for a couple months and not the terrible threes.




Hopefully I will have an internet connection by next time, and have a couple more pictures for you.  Thank you all for your support and help as we made/make this move and transition to our new home. 

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Changes and chaos


All great changes are preceded by chaos.”

                                             -Deepak Chopra


Chaos pretty much sums it up.  My mind is swimming around with so many things to do and so many post-it notes.  Luckily, “write a blog post” is on one of those lists.


I’m writing today, because I am pretty sure there will be no post next week.  Next weekend is moving weekend.  Which means this is my last week here in this little town.


People have been asking if I’m excited to move and get started with the next chapter.  I am very excited to be a complete family again, as this has been hard on Hubby and I and the little ones.  I am so excited to get the business going and help people with their health.  I am also excited for Tyler and Jenna to see their extended families more often.


But part of me is also very sad.  We have made some great friends here, and so many of my patients have become my friends and some even like our own little pseudo-family.  Whether it is offering to help watch the kids, giving us extra produce from their garden, or shoveling a path for me in the snow, I have grown pretty attached to the people in this town.  I am so honored that they trusted us with their health and well-being. That means so so much to me, and I can only hope that we find patients like that at our next clinic. 


So today was the start of a week full of good-bye’s.  I only cried 4 times today.  I know they are all going to be in good hands, but I know I probably won’t see everyone again someday.  That part is pretty hard because I have gotten so invested in their lives.  I won’t get to see the new babies, won’t get to see the kids growing up, won’t get to hear about vacations and won’t get to cheer along as they reach their goals.


I leave them in the hands of the new Dr. Leah- Dr. Hubbard.  I know she will be excellent and care just as much as we did about all of our patients.  They will also have the familiar face of Kelly greeting them in the office. 


Since I won’t be blogging next weekend, I need to write a little something about Kelly.  She was the first and only person I interviewed for the front desk/office manager position.  My sister-in-law was working in Cedar Rapids at Yellow Book at the time, and she told me she worked with a girl from Manchester who might be interested in the job because she was tired of driving so far to work, and Katy thought she was a great people person.  I trust Katy, so after a very short interview, Kelly was hired. 


After 5 1/2 years, she is still by my side.  She had to learn a whole new language of insurance and chiropractic and supplementation, but took the challenge head-on and ran with it.  She put up with all of my procrastination and horrible organizational skills.  And I know through all of it she is just as invested in these people’s lives as I am and has done so much for us.  I am going to miss her more than she knows, and I don’t know if I will ever find an employee that will know me so well.  If I can just find her husband a new principal job in Spencer, she can come with us and I can bug her forever!


Ok that is probably enough sap for one night.  Who wants to see pictures of the house?




That is the view into the living room from the kitchen counter.




Here is the fireplace that Hubby painted.  This area is far from finished, we need more paint on fireplace, trim on doors and built-in, and flooring.  The chandelier that you see in the upper corner was an original brass fixture in the house, but my mom spruced it up with some spray paint.  I think this place is going to look pretty cool.


I’m so thankful for all the work and many many hours Hubby and my parents and my brother have put into this house.  I feel so helpless sometimes all the way over here.  Guess I’ll just keep working hard so we can pay for all of this.


And now the rugrats…


2014-02-28 13.19.25


Sweet Jenna.  She is getting so big.  She really has the word “hi” down, and she waves both her hands and says “hi hi hi hi hi”.




And look at this crazy hair.  We finally tamed the beast tonight- I took him to Cost Cutters and got it cut but didn’t get a picture.  He’s been a little mean towards Jenna lately, taking toys out of her hand and shoving her down for no reason.  I’m hoping it is just because he misses his daddy and is acting out.  If this is a regular thing, I see a lot of time-outs in our future.


Well, I suppose the next time you read this, I will be in our new hometown.  Manchester, you have been wonderful, but it is time to start the next chapter in our lives.  Stay tuned…

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Getting closer…

Not too much to share tonight, pretty short week for us.  I worked for a couple days and then packed up the kids and headed west. 


Got to peek at the house, I’m getting so excited!  The walls are painted, and kitchen cabinets are in.  Most of them, that is.  Menards can’t find our sink base, but that’s all.  I love love love our countertops.


2014-02-21 16.29.20


I know everyone has very different taste, so I’m sure some people won’t like them but I don’t care because I love them.  And it’s laminate- so we saved a ton of money. 


Here is a picture of the kitchen, but it looks even better since Hubby and I painted the trim around the windows white.  I am really liking the white trim.  Smile


2014-02-21 16.28.58


All that white… and two kids.  We’ll see how that turns out.


And that is all my friends, I am beat and need to get to bed.  Very busy week in store for this girl. 

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