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Easter Recap

Hi there!  Been a couple weeks so I thought I’d get a quick update in.  The week before Easter and the weekend of Easter was pretty awesome.  Hubby’s sister came up for a couple days to hang out with the kids and spoil them- they love their Aunt Jaime!  Then on that Friday we got a surprise visit from Kelly, our office manager at our last clinic, and her family.  So so good to see her- I miss her so much.  Then that evening we got to see my BFF Jessie and her husband John for some drinks and dinner (they were in town visiting family for Easter).

For Easter weekend, my little family, my parents and my brother and his wife and kid all caravanned down to SE Iowa to visit my brother Jake and his wife Mollie and see their new house.  They have a huge acreage and a beautiful house, it was just so picturesque.  They are so lucky to come home to that every day!

My other brother, his wife and kids came down too, so it was a big slumber party at Jake’s house.  It was a quick trip, but we had a great time.  Lots of yummy food, exciting final 4 basketball, and of course an Easter egg hunt and some kite flying. 




Such a great time.  The kids were a little sick of the car by Sunday’s drive, so it was a struggle but Grandma fed them some ice cream, and we watched movies and sang songs to pass the time by. 


Work has kept me plenty busy, which I love, but sometimes it is a little overwhelming.  My accountants probably hate me because I just finished up my tax work on Friday.  Guess the 15th is coming up or something.  I’ve also been trying to get some running done, because this next weekend I will be running a 10K, which I haven’t done in a very long time.  With work, tax stuff, and trying to actually spend time with my kids, I probably haven’t trained very well, but I’m hoping I will at least be able to run the whole thing and not walk it.  I have been battling a stupid head cold thing for a couple weeks now too, so that may complicate it.  I thought it was getting better but today woke up with a bad sore throat and pressure in my sinuses.  Let’s hope it calms down a little before Saturday!


The weather was pretty rainy and gloomy this week, but finally yesterday it cleared up.  We were able to go play at the park both days this weekend and even sneak over to the new frozen yogurt place. 




Before I forget, a belated happy 60th birthday to my momma!  She turned 60 years young a couple weeks ago.  Hopefully we can get away for a fun mother-daughter trip sometime soon to celebrate.

And happy anniversary to Hubby, number 6 last weekend.  Time sure flies!

I’ll leave you with this little gem, sometimes you just can’t fight fatigue…



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Tyler Turns 4

The birthdays are officially over for the year.  Tyler turned 4 yesterday, although his celebration spanned a couple days of course.  We had a family get-together on Sunday, both sets of great grandparents, my parents, my great aunt, and my brother and his wife and baby Grant. Later we face-timed Tyler’s cousin Beau (and parents).

It was so beautiful outside, just a perfect day.  We gave Tyler a soccer ball for his birthday, so we went outside and kicked it around before company came.

Tyler has decided lately that his favorite color is definitely green.  So he wanted a green cake.  I made one from scratch and it was not great.  The taste was fine, but the texture was just sooo dense.  I’m pretty sure it was because I used coconut oil.  I don’t usually have anything but coconut oil and/or olive oil on hand, and I wasn’t sure how olive oil would taste, so coconut oil it was.  At least Tyler liked it. 




He got some cool new summer clothes, a sweet water gun that he is very proud of, and a train set that is running around the track non-stop when he’s home.  Thanks everyone for the gifts!


On his actual birthday, I picked him and Jenna up from daycare and we went straight to the park.  It was the first time this year we’ve been able to go out; it’s been nice enough, just pretty sloppy until now.  Man, those kids love the park.  I was with them by myself for awhile until Hubby got there after work (pretty funny seeing him run around the park in his work clothes).  Talk about having your head on a swivel, trying to watch two little kids at the big park with a bunch of crazy older kids running around in the background is exhausting! 




After the park we headed to Weasy’s for supper, where Tyler got a birthday hotdog and French fries. And we topped it all off with a trip to Dairy Queen, which just opened up for the summer (there are other ones that open year round, but they aren’t stand-alone ones, so not as cool).  Tyler got a chocolate ice cream cone so he had a great birthday.




Not much else going on around here, plenty of basketball watching- go Cyclones! go Jayhawks!  I am still going to attempt to run a 10K next month, so we’ll see how that goes.  I won’t have the fastest time ever, but I’m at least hoping to run (jog) the whole thing.  I got to run outside the other day and made it to Stolley’s and back, but it’s not as pretty yet- lots of brownness around here.




Been doing some experimenting in the kitchen lately, since I’ve had a little extra time.  I made an awesome red curry chicken that tasted somewhat authentic.  Most of time when I make stuff like that it never tastes like I got it at a restaurant.  I think the secret was the red curry paste and fresh ginger.  Of course I don’t have a recipe for you.  I also finally tried the cauliflower pizza crust that is all over Pinterest.  It was a little labor intense for pizza, but not bad flavor and I didn’t feel bad eating a bunch.  Even Hubby liked that one. 




That’s about all from our household, exciting couple months ahead, some fun trips on the horizon, some family time and hopefully some nice weather!! 

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Jenna Turns Two

That’s right, for a couple weeks here we have a two year old and a three year old in the house.  Sounds crazier than it is (most of the time).


We had a nice little get-together for Miss Jenna, her Grandpa Lance and Aunt Jaime came up from Kansas for the event and stayed a couple days.  She of course got plenty of presents and even some pink cake.  Which Tyler was much more interested in than she was.  A couple other family members were able to make it too, which was great.


I apologize for the poor lighting, didn’t have time to fix the camera settings. I love this progression of pictures.  Tyler must have been coughing (what a gentleman to cover his mouth right in front of the cake) but his eyes hardly leave the cake.




They both got some Valentine’s gifts and birthday gifts, which were pretty entertaining.  Jenna went from having no dollies to having three dollies!  Their names are Baby, Dolly and Baby.  You can see in the second picture how much she loves them.




We had a couple special treats mixed in that week- we made heart-shaped cookies for Jenna to bring to school, using my Grandma Bonnie’s sugar cookie recipe- it’s the best.  Tyler and Jenna helped me make them, so it took forever, but so worth it.  Smile




Also made some special cinnamon rolls, for the birthday girl. 




And a trip to Carroll’s Bakery for some chocolate donuts.  See, I let the kids have sugar once and awhile!




That’s about all I have for you.  Been pretty busy at the office (yay!), with the kids, and trying to get back in decent shape.  Took about a two year hiatus there, was kind of busy with a newborn, selling a practice, moving across the state and opening up a new one.  Time to get on it again, working towards that 10K in April, maybe some RAGBRAI, maybe it’s time for another sprint triathlon??  Who’s with me?!!


Happy March everyone… couple more weeks ‘til Spring!!

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January Recap

I’m really not sure where that first month of 2015 went.  After the holidays I was expecting a little down time, but that wasn’t the case.  Work is keeping us busy, which is great!  I just need about a 3 or 4 uninterrupted days to catch up with all my tax work and paperwork.  Probably not going to happen.  Until April.  I like to procrastinate sometimes.


We went through a round of sickness with the kids, neither me nor Hubby caught anything thank goodness.  Just a little virus, maybe the flu, I don’t know.  I’m a mean mom and just make them deal with it.  I’d rather do that than take them to the doctor’s office where they’re exposed to who knows what else just to figure out what they have.  And of course, thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for helping out on some of those sick days.  I really hope they didn’t catch anything either.


Since the holidays are over, I’ve been trying to clean up my diet a little.  For a couple weeks I followed our Ideal Protein plan, which is what we use in the office for our weight loss clients.  It’s a great way to lose weight, but I then I decided I wanted to start working out more regularly again, which is not a good idea with phase 1 of Ideal Protein.  Walking and low impact cardio is fine, but running is not.  Which I should know, I tell it to people every day.  The first time I got on the treadmill I about passed out.  So I’m trying to figure out my carbs/protein ratio so I can start running again.  Hubby told me our friend Logan, whose wife passed away last month, is running a marathon on his birthday, April 18.  Which happens to be my birthday as well.  I have absolutely no desire to run a marathon, but I found a 10K that I think I could handle.  So that’s my goal.  10 weeks!


I’m still working on getting the house all decorated like I want.  Have a couple more pinterest projects to work on before I take some pictures.  I did buy a pretty awesome and huge clock for our living room.  I’ve been looking forever online but haven’t found anything that jumps out at me.  Then when I went to Hobby Lobby the other day, they were 50% off and I found one I liked.  Hopefully I can get a couple things up on the wall before we have a little celebration next weekend for Miss Jenna’s big birthday.


I can’t believe one whole year has passed since this:



We were running around like crazy last year, trying to get our clinic wrapped up in Manchester and get things ready to move in here in Spencer.  Life just flies by these days, I’m trying as hard as I can to appreciate every little moment.  We are so blessed with these little kiddos. 


Speaking of, I suppose I better post a couple pictures of our little ones to keep the readers happy (that means you Jean and Gretchen Winking smile").  I apologize my lack of blogging, I might be better about it coming up here since we switched our work schedule around and I have a couple afternoons off.  That might help.  Until our weekends start getting crazy again. 


Nobody wanted to look at me when I tried to take a picture for Hubby



Been awhile since I threw in a food picture!  Kind of food.  One of my favorite morning drinks, our chocolate protein powder with a shot of espresso/coffee, a bunch of ice, two handfuls of spinach and a little water.  So good.



Legos with Grandma. You can see Jenna’s hair is getting so long.



We tried to take the kids up to their first Winter Games at Okoboji, but we only made it as far as one kids’ carnival.  It was so crowded- we waited what felt like an hour for some balloon animals and then 45 minutes for food that never showed up.  Kids were tired and cranky after that so we just left before even going to any outdoor stuff. 



Mommy and Jenna- Mommy needs to wash her hair and get some sun!



Daddy, Jenna and Baby (named Dolly by Jenna)



Tyler must get cold sometimes.  Can’t wait for spring!



Daddy’s little helpers. 




Head to toe Minnie Mouse- Aunt Rachel style.  Thanks to Aunt Jaime for the sweet outfit.



I will probably have some birthday pictures to post soon.  Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone out there!


Christmas Recap and 2015 so far…

Hi there friends.  It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks.  Christmas was so wonderful this year.  For the first time, we got to wake up with the kids in our own home on Christmas morning.  Santa made it!!




The kids had a good time opening presents and playing with their new toys.







Punching bag courtesy of Hubby.  He also got me this gem:




My very own Minnie Mouse jammies. 


We had a great morning and later that evening we headed to my parents’ house for Christmas with my brothers and their families.  We also had several other get-togethers with different sides of my family as well as Tyler’s Christmas program during the holiday weeks.  Here are a couple pictures:




Then the next week we took off Friday and headed down to Kansas on New Year’s Eve and stayed until Saturday night.  We had a great time just lounging around in Grandpa Lance’s new house.  It didn’t take long for the kids to make a mess out of it.  Smile















We got lots of Aunt Jaime time in and also got to see Grandma Cindi when we were down there.


Unfortunately we forgot to check the forecast before we left on Saturday night and ended up driving home in a blizzard.  Well, the blizzard was really only the last hour or so.  It was a tense drive but we made it.  White-out conditions with kids in the back are not fun.


On Sunday we received some bad news.  We found out our friend Rosemary had suddenly passed.  She and her husband Logan were very good friends with Hubby in high school and in college.  Over the years, especially when I lived in Kansas, I got to know her well.  Hubby and I turned around and on Friday went back to Kansas for her funeral.  It was a surreal weekend, seeing all of Hubby’s friends back in one place for such a sad occasion.  She was so full of life, it was like she was going to come bounding through the doors at any point.  Logan held up so well, and delivered a beautiful eulogy.  We celebrated her life afterwards with friends and fellowship and a couple drinks, just the way she would have wanted.


We all made promises to see each other more often, because you never know what tomorrow holds. 



4.4.09 - The wedding of Leah Thomsen + Lee Malmstrom at Hope Lutheran Church in Everly, Iowa and reception at Arrowhead Resort in Okoboji.108110145



So get out there and enjoy life!

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