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Jenna Turns Two

That’s right, for a couple weeks here we have a two year old and a three year old in the house.  Sounds crazier than it is (most of the time).


We had a nice little get-together for Miss Jenna, her Grandpa Lance and Aunt Jaime came up from Kansas for the event and stayed a couple days.  She of course got plenty of presents and even some pink cake.  Which Tyler was much more interested in than she was.  A couple other family members were able to make it too, which was great.


I apologize for the poor lighting, didn’t have time to fix the camera settings. I love this progression of pictures.  Tyler must have been coughing (what a gentleman to cover his mouth right in front of the cake) but his eyes hardly leave the cake.




They both got some Valentine’s gifts and birthday gifts, which were pretty entertaining.  Jenna went from having no dollies to having three dollies!  Their names are Baby, Dolly and Baby.  You can see in the second picture how much she loves them.




We had a couple special treats mixed in that week- we made heart-shaped cookies for Jenna to bring to school, using my Grandma Bonnie’s sugar cookie recipe- it’s the best.  Tyler and Jenna helped me make them, so it took forever, but so worth it.  Smile




Also made some special cinnamon rolls, for the birthday girl. 




And a trip to Carroll’s Bakery for some chocolate donuts.  See, I let the kids have sugar once and awhile!




That’s about all I have for you.  Been pretty busy at the office (yay!), with the kids, and trying to get back in decent shape.  Took about a two year hiatus there, was kind of busy with a newborn, selling a practice, moving across the state and opening up a new one.  Time to get on it again, working towards that 10K in April, maybe some RAGBRAI, maybe it’s time for another sprint triathlon??  Who’s with me?!!


Happy March everyone… couple more weeks ‘til Spring!!

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January Recap

I’m really not sure where that first month of 2015 went.  After the holidays I was expecting a little down time, but that wasn’t the case.  Work is keeping us busy, which is great!  I just need about a 3 or 4 uninterrupted days to catch up with all my tax work and paperwork.  Probably not going to happen.  Until April.  I like to procrastinate sometimes.


We went through a round of sickness with the kids, neither me nor Hubby caught anything thank goodness.  Just a little virus, maybe the flu, I don’t know.  I’m a mean mom and just make them deal with it.  I’d rather do that than take them to the doctor’s office where they’re exposed to who knows what else just to figure out what they have.  And of course, thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for helping out on some of those sick days.  I really hope they didn’t catch anything either.


Since the holidays are over, I’ve been trying to clean up my diet a little.  For a couple weeks I followed our Ideal Protein plan, which is what we use in the office for our weight loss clients.  It’s a great way to lose weight, but I then I decided I wanted to start working out more regularly again, which is not a good idea with phase 1 of Ideal Protein.  Walking and low impact cardio is fine, but running is not.  Which I should know, I tell it to people every day.  The first time I got on the treadmill I about passed out.  So I’m trying to figure out my carbs/protein ratio so I can start running again.  Hubby told me our friend Logan, whose wife passed away last month, is running a marathon on his birthday, April 18.  Which happens to be my birthday as well.  I have absolutely no desire to run a marathon, but I found a 10K that I think I could handle.  So that’s my goal.  10 weeks!


I’m still working on getting the house all decorated like I want.  Have a couple more pinterest projects to work on before I take some pictures.  I did buy a pretty awesome and huge clock for our living room.  I’ve been looking forever online but haven’t found anything that jumps out at me.  Then when I went to Hobby Lobby the other day, they were 50% off and I found one I liked.  Hopefully I can get a couple things up on the wall before we have a little celebration next weekend for Miss Jenna’s big birthday.


I can’t believe one whole year has passed since this:



We were running around like crazy last year, trying to get our clinic wrapped up in Manchester and get things ready to move in here in Spencer.  Life just flies by these days, I’m trying as hard as I can to appreciate every little moment.  We are so blessed with these little kiddos. 


Speaking of, I suppose I better post a couple pictures of our little ones to keep the readers happy (that means you Jean and Gretchen Winking smile").  I apologize my lack of blogging, I might be better about it coming up here since we switched our work schedule around and I have a couple afternoons off.  That might help.  Until our weekends start getting crazy again. 


Nobody wanted to look at me when I tried to take a picture for Hubby



Been awhile since I threw in a food picture!  Kind of food.  One of my favorite morning drinks, our chocolate protein powder with a shot of espresso/coffee, a bunch of ice, two handfuls of spinach and a little water.  So good.



Legos with Grandma. You can see Jenna’s hair is getting so long.



We tried to take the kids up to their first Winter Games at Okoboji, but we only made it as far as one kids’ carnival.  It was so crowded- we waited what felt like an hour for some balloon animals and then 45 minutes for food that never showed up.  Kids were tired and cranky after that so we just left before even going to any outdoor stuff. 



Mommy and Jenna- Mommy needs to wash her hair and get some sun!



Daddy, Jenna and Baby (named Dolly by Jenna)



Tyler must get cold sometimes.  Can’t wait for spring!



Daddy’s little helpers. 




Head to toe Minnie Mouse- Aunt Rachel style.  Thanks to Aunt Jaime for the sweet outfit.



I will probably have some birthday pictures to post soon.  Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone out there!


Christmas Recap and 2015 so far…

Hi there friends.  It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks.  Christmas was so wonderful this year.  For the first time, we got to wake up with the kids in our own home on Christmas morning.  Santa made it!!




The kids had a good time opening presents and playing with their new toys.







Punching bag courtesy of Hubby.  He also got me this gem:




My very own Minnie Mouse jammies. 


We had a great morning and later that evening we headed to my parents’ house for Christmas with my brothers and their families.  We also had several other get-togethers with different sides of my family as well as Tyler’s Christmas program during the holiday weeks.  Here are a couple pictures:




Then the next week we took off Friday and headed down to Kansas on New Year’s Eve and stayed until Saturday night.  We had a great time just lounging around in Grandpa Lance’s new house.  It didn’t take long for the kids to make a mess out of it.  Smile















We got lots of Aunt Jaime time in and also got to see Grandma Cindi when we were down there.


Unfortunately we forgot to check the forecast before we left on Saturday night and ended up driving home in a blizzard.  Well, the blizzard was really only the last hour or so.  It was a tense drive but we made it.  White-out conditions with kids in the back are not fun.


On Sunday we received some bad news.  We found out our friend Rosemary had suddenly passed.  She and her husband Logan were very good friends with Hubby in high school and in college.  Over the years, especially when I lived in Kansas, I got to know her well.  Hubby and I turned around and on Friday went back to Kansas for her funeral.  It was a surreal weekend, seeing all of Hubby’s friends back in one place for such a sad occasion.  She was so full of life, it was like she was going to come bounding through the doors at any point.  Logan held up so well, and delivered a beautiful eulogy.  We celebrated her life afterwards with friends and fellowship and a couple drinks, just the way she would have wanted.


We all made promises to see each other more often, because you never know what tomorrow holds. 



4.4.09 - The wedding of Leah Thomsen + Lee Malmstrom at Hope Lutheran Church in Everly, Iowa and reception at Arrowhead Resort in Okoboji.108110145



So get out there and enjoy life!

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Happy holidays to everyone out there!  I’ve really been enjoying this holiday season- the first one in our new home.  We had a pretty low key Thanksgiving, just went over to my parent’s house and whoever was around showed up for a fantastic meal.




Aunt Jaime managed to come see us for a couple days before Thanksgiving, so we had a good time with her.  Even managed to sneak out and see Santa!



(I don’t know who the kid in the Chief’s shirt is but he had a pretty specific list for Santa)



A couple weekends later, my brother Ben and his family came back for the weekend, so we got some quality cousin time with Beau and Jace.  We even managed to get a cousins picture.  It was pretty hilarious, and I don’t think any of us got a perfect shot, but here are my outtakes:







Jenna is surrounded by all these crazy boys.  Smile


This marks the first year I (as an adult) have ever bought a real Christmas tree.  I got it at Hy-Vee and it is so beautiful.  I don’t know what it is about Christmas that turns me into a giant mushball.  There’s something so nostalgic and cozy about this holiday.  YouTube has a couple awesome Christmas music playlists that I just put on and sit on the couch by the tree at night to wind down.




Big lesson learned this year- I hate LED lights on trees.  They are super bright and don’t create any ambiance.  Hubby tried to tuck the lights deep in the tree, which helps, but they are OUT next year.  It’s still a gorgeous tree.  As well as the custom tree skirt- courtesy of From Old Stuff ( aka my mom. 




The kids had a great time decorating with all the “balls”.  You’ll notice there seems to be a huge cluster of them right around eye level for them, Hubby and I evened that out a little after they went to bed.  They still like to mess around with them, but they’re getting used to “NO TOUCHING”.







I finally had room to display my nativity scene that I got for my wedding 5 years ago.  Smile 




We have an exciting couple weeks coming up, I think Tyler has a Christmas program this week and next weekend the Christmas celebrations begin.  Quite a few parties within the next couple weeks, plus a trip to Kansas!  The kids and I haven’t been down there in awhile, so that’s a much needed trip.

These kids keep growing and growing.  I don’t think we’re going to be able to call her “Baby Jenna” much longer.




I have to share this picture for you, I snuck in and took it one night.  When Ben was home, he and Kyle went hunting and they let Beau and Tyler have a pheasant feather.  Tyler loved it so much he slept with it.




And then it got bent and he cried and cried and wanted me to fix it.  It mysteriously disappeared in the middle of the night and we haven’t heard anything about it since. 


Well I’m not sure when I will get to blogging next, I’m hoping sometime before the new year because I’m sure I’ll have plenty of good Christmas pictures to share with you.  Have a wonderful holiday season, may your friends and family stay safe and happy, and a big thank you to everyone who is reading this.  I know if you’re reading this you are probably someone special in our lives, and even if we don’t see you very often, know that we love you! Merry Christmas!

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Let It Snow

So much for that easy transition into winter.  We welcomed a couple inches of snow yesterday.  Which was immediately followed by the purchase of a new snow-blower.  Tyler had a blast in the snow- Jenna, not so much. 






We had plenty of fun indoors too.  We did plenty of reading- here’s Tyler reading a new book from Aunt Loiy.




Christmas!  I may have listened to a little Christmas music this weekend, just in the car, for a brief moment.  I can’t wait!


Grandma and Grandpa came over today for a little bit and they did some more reading.




We’re running out of room in those chairs.  Here is little Jenna taking up a bunch of room- such a big girl.




Work keeps us busy but we have had a little time here and there to work on the house.  There are still plenty of projects to work on, but this one is almost done.  There is a little insert next to the fireplace that used to have a tv stand in it since our dining room used to be their living room.  We turned it into a little dry bar, thanks to help from Grandpa Rodney.  He put his woodworking skills to work and made us a custom wine rack.  I still need a little shelf so I can stack the bottles, and I need to put the wine glasses in. Looking better though.








As soon as I get more décor up, I will do a before and after post.  It’s slowly coming a long.  I did get a new mini-coat rack by the garage door.




Ignore the pile of stuff by the fireplace.  Actually, if you come to our house, it is full of piles of stuff.  I’m needing a little more organization in my life, that’s nothing new.  Anyone have any suggestions for what to do with the fireplace?  Like above it?  Some sort of mantel? So many things to do still.


That’s all for this update, in case I don’t get one in before Thanksgiving- have a good one!  Smile


Oh wait- Halloween!  I missed those updates. Here’s our little monkey and shark.  Jenna made it one house, Tyler made it to 3 or 4 but then we had to take away most of his candy because it had peanuts in it.  I’m really going to hate that holiday.



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