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Summer Update

Hello my friends!  Summer has been flying by, here we are in the middle of August.  Tyler starts every day all day preschool in 2 weeks! 


We have been pretty busy this summer, and we have been lucky- overall the weather has been great this summer.  I’ve been able to play sand volleyball on Tuesdays up at Okoboji and a couple games of softball on Fridays.  I even golfed!  My friend Bridget talked me into golfing a tournament for charity.  It turned out to be more fun than I thought.  Might have to go more often?


Weekends are full, but we haven’t had too many long trips lately.  We did a quick trip to Davenport last weekend for our friend Kelan’s wedding.  The kids did so well considering they were in a car for 5 hours, then at a church and a restaurant then a hotel.  Then a 5 hour drive home the next day.  We did get to see Hubby’s grandma, who we haven’t seen in so long.  She really loved seeing the kids, since they grow so fast!




Work has been very busy the last couple months, which is great because we want to grow, but that also means more stuff to get done!  I’ve spent several late nights at the clinic catching up with paperwork.  We did hire a new employee to help out with our marketing- my sis-in-law Katy.  It was such perfect timing, we were looking to hire a marketing rep, and she has a lot of great experience.  That takes quite a bit of pressure off my shoulders.  Now I just need someone to do my accounting work, my charting, my cooking and my cleaning.  Smile


I have been experimenting a little in the kitchen lately.  I just finished a 21 day Paleo challenge, which included a meal plan with several fun recipes.  I had been slacking a little this summer, eating stuff that probably wasn’t the healthiest, so it’s always good to get back on track.  This was a new way of eating, I’m not used to eating so much fat.  Healthy fats, of course, but much more than I’m used to.  One thing I got hooked on was almond butter.  I can’t have peanut butter anymore because of Tyler’s allergy, so I found some almond butter that didn’t have any traces of peanuts or other tree nuts in it (and it couldn’t have any added sugar).  It was pretty tasty and made a great treat.  The problem is that I found it at Trader Joe’s, which is about 3 1/2 hours away.  So I pulled my old food processor out of the closet and made my own.  And it is awesome and way cheaper.  Try it!



Children Update: The biggest news is that Jenna is potty-trained!!  I used the same method that I used with Tyler, only about a year and a half earlier this time.  She was way easier to train initially than Tyler, but she’s had more accidents than he ever did. She’s still trying to master pulling her pants down all the way so she doesn’t make a mess.


And Tyler.  What a neat little boy. He has such an imagination.  He loves to pretend, which is so fun to watch.  He also loves to be mean to his sister sometimes.  He’s getting kind of a naughty streak, which he really hasn’t had.  I’ll just blame it on daycare.  Maybe starting preschool at a Catholic school will help.


We had a trip to the dentist the other day for Tyler, and he loved it.  He got to wear cool sunglasses, watch Bubble Guppies and pick out a toy from the treasure chest.  And now Jenna can’t wait to go.


They love doing anything outside.  We have been to so many parks this summer, and we made it to the aquatic center once, which they loved. 


They also love living close to their cousins.  Just yesterday they got to go over to Beau and Jace’s house and spend the night.  We had watched them a couple weeks ago, so they returned the favor.  It sounds like they had a pretty good time.  They went to bed super early tonight. 


Hope everyone is having a great summer so far, enjoy what is left!  I’ll leave you with the promise once again to be better at posting.  We’ll see how that goes.  Winking smile

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Summer Fun

I keep falling more and more behind on my blogging, but I’m still here!  The past couple months have just flown by.  And here we are almost at the 4th of July, meaning summer is almost half over.  Sad smile

I have a ton of pictures for you today.  Since I’ve last blogged, I have chopped several inches off my hair and am constantly frustrated because it won’t fit into a ponytail without at least 3 clippies; we have been to Atlanta, Georgia for our friends Matt and Kim’s wedding; I traveled to Des Moines for a continuing education seminar and made it to the farmer’s market and had my first Airbnb experience; we hosted all of nephews at one point or another- Jace and Beau stayed with us while Ben and Katy looked for a new house because they are moving back home (YAY!) and Grant stayed with us this weekend while Kyle and Rachel had some family Okoboji time; celebrated Beau and Jace’s birthdays at Bridges Bay; and last weekend we traveled to Kansas for some family time that was much needed.  Then there’s all the fun we’ve been having with the kids, with the weather being almost perfect the last couple months, we’ve been having plenty of park time.  We have hit almost every park in town, with our favorites being the big park, the green park, the brown park and the blue park. 

So here we go!


Short hair and an iced coffee:



Top of Stone Mountain in Georgia:




Matt and Kim’s wedding:





Plenty of owies this summer:


Watermelon with the cousin Jace (think Beau is sitting on the couch reading):


Pork nachos at the Farmer’s Market in Des Moines:


My room at an Airbnb in Des Moines- it’s a little eclectic but the whole house was beautiful and the hosts were so great- made me whatever I wanted for breakfast (smoothie and yogurt and fresh fruit).  Much cheaper than a hotel room by the airport would have been- it felt like I was staying with some friends:


The green park:


Jenna alert- the rest are all of Jenna.  She is so darn cute.  This was from our car ride home from Kansas:


Jenna being sassy when she was out riding with her daddy:


The absolutely beautiful sketch (sorry about the poor camera lighting) that Grandma Cindi did of Jenna which will be getting framed soon:


We went to our first movie as a family the other night and saw Inside Out.  It was a little complex for their age as far as plot goes, but there were lots of bright colors and funny parts.  Jenna was a champ, and ate a bunch of popcorn.



So that’s what we’ve been up to the last couple weeks.  Looking forward to July, hardly any traveling.  We have a couple birthdays coming up in my family- my dad will be turning 60 this week so we will celebrate for sure this weekend! Happy fourth of July to everyone!!

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It’s Been Awhile

Well hello there!  Time keeps slipping away.  Here we are, almost getting into summer (even though it’s only 50 degrees out!).  We’ve had a lot of excitement around here lately, lots of outdoor activities, travel for me and Hubby, and a lot more to come!

In April Hubby and I headed down to Kansas City on my birthday weekend so I could run a 10K and we could cheer our buddy Logan on (also his birthday- we’re birthday buddies) while he ran his marathon.  I was not feeling the greatest, and managed to come down with strep throat the week before.  With the help of some antibiotics, I finally felt much better on the morning I was supposed to run.  Even though I was sick all week, I pulled it together and got it done.  It wasn’t very pretty (see picture below of me holding my medal all cross-eyed) but I did it without walking.  Logan had a rough course, it started raining pretty hard about halfway through his marathon.  But he finished and made Rosemary proud up there.

I think the weekend after that Hubby was in Denver for the weekend for a seminar, then the weekend after that was our garage sale, then after that Hubby was in Nashville for a bachelor party and then last weekend I was in Chicago for a seminar.  We could go so many places this weekend for Memorial Day, but I think we are just going to park it at home.  And depending on how motivated I get, we may try to completely potty train Jenna.  So I may need a couple drinks this weekend.  Smile


I am just going to leave you with a bunch of random pictures that I’ve snapped over the last couple weeks.  Fun times!





The start of the 10K in Kansas



Told you- tired, sick and cross-eyed but I did it! Bring it on year #34




Logan did so well, considering the weather and constant calf cramps




Park time with Grandma, Rachel and Grant



Tyler was outside playing with chalk and he was very proud to show me this!  Couple letters are a little off, but not bad for a 4 year old!  I did draw the fire truck though. And the sun. And the M, but that’s all!



Grandma tried to sell an old chair of hers at our garage sale but we didn’t have any takers.  So we moved it into our garage and it was a nice little resting spot for snack and some songs on the Ipad while it was raining out.





When it’s not too cold out, we’ve gotten out in the bike trailer a couple times, mostly to ride down to get frozen yogurt.  They are getting a little big for it, I stuff them in there like sardines.  And I definitely get a good workout hauling them around.



Making some special Mother’s Day cards.



A pretty Azalea plant that I got for Mother’s Day. Can I plant or pot this?  I’m assuming yes?



Got to see this lovely lady while I was in Chicago.  She and her husband took me and the group of girls I was with to a couple fun places, wish I could have stayed longer to see her baby Alex, who is getting so big- not a baby anymore!


Well I suppose that’s all for now, I should be back next month with some more travel pictures, as we have a couple more trips coming up.  Busy busy!


Happy summer everyone!

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Easter Recap

Hi there!  Been a couple weeks so I thought I’d get a quick update in.  The week before Easter and the weekend of Easter was pretty awesome.  Hubby’s sister came up for a couple days to hang out with the kids and spoil them- they love their Aunt Jaime!  Then on that Friday we got a surprise visit from Kelly, our office manager at our last clinic, and her family.  So so good to see her- I miss her so much.  Then that evening we got to see my BFF Jessie and her husband John for some drinks and dinner (they were in town visiting family for Easter).

For Easter weekend, my little family, my parents and my brother and his wife and kid all caravanned down to SE Iowa to visit my brother Jake and his wife Mollie and see their new house.  They have a huge acreage and a beautiful house, it was just so picturesque.  They are so lucky to come home to that every day!

My other brother, his wife and kids came down too, so it was a big slumber party at Jake’s house.  It was a quick trip, but we had a great time.  Lots of yummy food, exciting final 4 basketball, and of course an Easter egg hunt and some kite flying. 




Such a great time.  The kids were a little sick of the car by Sunday’s drive, so it was a struggle but Grandma fed them some ice cream, and we watched movies and sang songs to pass the time by. 


Work has kept me plenty busy, which I love, but sometimes it is a little overwhelming.  My accountants probably hate me because I just finished up my tax work on Friday.  Guess the 15th is coming up or something.  I’ve also been trying to get some running done, because this next weekend I will be running a 10K, which I haven’t done in a very long time.  With work, tax stuff, and trying to actually spend time with my kids, I probably haven’t trained very well, but I’m hoping I will at least be able to run the whole thing and not walk it.  I have been battling a stupid head cold thing for a couple weeks now too, so that may complicate it.  I thought it was getting better but today woke up with a bad sore throat and pressure in my sinuses.  Let’s hope it calms down a little before Saturday!


The weather was pretty rainy and gloomy this week, but finally yesterday it cleared up.  We were able to go play at the park both days this weekend and even sneak over to the new frozen yogurt place. 




Before I forget, a belated happy 60th birthday to my momma!  She turned 60 years young a couple weeks ago.  Hopefully we can get away for a fun mother-daughter trip sometime soon to celebrate.

And happy anniversary to Hubby, number 6 last weekend.  Time sure flies!

I’ll leave you with this little gem, sometimes you just can’t fight fatigue…



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Tyler Turns 4

The birthdays are officially over for the year.  Tyler turned 4 yesterday, although his celebration spanned a couple days of course.  We had a family get-together on Sunday, both sets of great grandparents, my parents, my great aunt, and my brother and his wife and baby Grant. Later we face-timed Tyler’s cousin Beau (and parents).

It was so beautiful outside, just a perfect day.  We gave Tyler a soccer ball for his birthday, so we went outside and kicked it around before company came.

Tyler has decided lately that his favorite color is definitely green.  So he wanted a green cake.  I made one from scratch and it was not great.  The taste was fine, but the texture was just sooo dense.  I’m pretty sure it was because I used coconut oil.  I don’t usually have anything but coconut oil and/or olive oil on hand, and I wasn’t sure how olive oil would taste, so coconut oil it was.  At least Tyler liked it. 




He got some cool new summer clothes, a sweet water gun that he is very proud of, and a train set that is running around the track non-stop when he’s home.  Thanks everyone for the gifts!


On his actual birthday, I picked him and Jenna up from daycare and we went straight to the park.  It was the first time this year we’ve been able to go out; it’s been nice enough, just pretty sloppy until now.  Man, those kids love the park.  I was with them by myself for awhile until Hubby got there after work (pretty funny seeing him run around the park in his work clothes).  Talk about having your head on a swivel, trying to watch two little kids at the big park with a bunch of crazy older kids running around in the background is exhausting! 




After the park we headed to Weasy’s for supper, where Tyler got a birthday hotdog and French fries. And we topped it all off with a trip to Dairy Queen, which just opened up for the summer (there are other ones that open year round, but they aren’t stand-alone ones, so not as cool).  Tyler got a chocolate ice cream cone so he had a great birthday.




Not much else going on around here, plenty of basketball watching- go Cyclones! go Jayhawks!  I am still going to attempt to run a 10K next month, so we’ll see how that goes.  I won’t have the fastest time ever, but I’m at least hoping to run (jog) the whole thing.  I got to run outside the other day and made it to Stolley’s and back, but it’s not as pretty yet- lots of brownness around here.




Been doing some experimenting in the kitchen lately, since I’ve had a little extra time.  I made an awesome red curry chicken that tasted somewhat authentic.  Most of time when I make stuff like that it never tastes like I got it at a restaurant.  I think the secret was the red curry paste and fresh ginger.  Of course I don’t have a recipe for you.  I also finally tried the cauliflower pizza crust that is all over Pinterest.  It was a little labor intense for pizza, but not bad flavor and I didn’t feel bad eating a bunch.  Even Hubby liked that one. 




That’s about all from our household, exciting couple months ahead, some fun trips on the horizon, some family time and hopefully some nice weather!! 

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